The McClamb’s


What is a root without being nurtured?
What is a tree without its roots?
From a tree comes its limbs, leaves
Bark, and the inner core that makes one grow.

What is a family without knowledge of its
Roots, where its been and where it will go?

Take our leaves and spread them
Feed them, and love them
Take our roots and understand them
And keep them together
For we have already given you
“A Foundation”

Family we are now accepting payments for the 2020 McClamb Family Reunion.  You can start your payment plan so you don’t have to pay all at once.  Let me show you how to take advantage.  If you start paying for yourself and you are making regular payments of $0.00 each month on the payment plan you will have your $000.00 Family Reunion Registration Paid In Full By June 2020.  Don’t forget to start putting money to the side for your hotel, gas money, or other travel expenses.

Family Members please take full advantage of the Family Reunion Payment Plan!!!
it was such a big help to a lot of families last year and will continue to be a helpful tool for families own the future.

The Reunion Planning Committee is in full swing! They are planning fundraisers and of course the activities and dinner for 2020.